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Shipping and Returns

Shipping Policy

Murraiya has integrated our website with to provide you with one of the most trusted shopping experiences available, with this extending to Shipping as well!

This also includes providing the option for Amazon Prime members to select FREE Same-Day Delivery to metro areas across the US on a broad selection of items.

You can check the status of your order. Go to 'Your Orders' on to find tracking information and order details. For more information on Amazon's Shipping Policy, click on the 'MORE SHIPPING INFORMATION' button below.

Return & Exchange Policy

Customers may return eligible items sold on When you return an item, you may see different return options depending on the seller, item, or reason for return.

To return an eligible item you ordered, go to 'Your Orders' on to display your recent orders, then choose the order and select 'Return or Replace Items'. From there, select the item you want to return. Then select an option from the 'Reason for return' menu.

You can exchange items sold that qualify through 'Your Orders' on by simply going to 'Your Orders' and selecting 'Return or Replace Items' beside the item you want to exchange. Next, you'll need to select the item you want to exchange, select a reason from the 'Reason for return' menu, and follow the prompts.

For more information on Amazon's Returns, Refunds and Exchanges, click on the 'MORE RETURNS INFORMATION' button below.

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